Take Action!

There are many ways to take action in support of Go Evanston’s goal of making Evanston streets safer and more accessible for people of all ages and all transportation preferences.  Some actions are personal and private; some are more public.  Here are some ideas to get you started.



  • Go set a goal for yourself for daily walking mileage.
  • Go ride a bike on your next errand instead of driving.
  • Go try a Divvy bike.
  • Go ride the Evanston CTA circulator bus Route #206.
  • Go without your car for a few days or a week.
  • Go organize a walk or bike event at your church or workplace or in your neighborhood.
  • Go organize a walking school bus or bicycle train to your child's elementary school.
  • Go listen to the transportation concerns of your friends and neighbors.
  • Go volunteer to drive an older adult without transportation to an appointment or social event.
  • Go take a slow walk with a friend who needs encouragement.


  • Go report issues with sidewalks, bike routes or bike lanes to the City.
  • Go identify opportunities for improving safety or directional signage for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Go introduce yourself to your alderman; tell him/her about your transportation views.
  • Go to a City Council meeting when a transportation item is on the agenda.
  • Go send a letter/email in support of Ride Illinois' bike legislation initiatives.
  • Go send a letter to the Round Table or comment on Evanston Now about a transportation issue.
  • Go to your Ward meeting.
  • Go ask your favorite shop to provide bike parking, if they don’t already.
  • Go thank your alderperson for supporting projects that make it easier and safer to walk and ride.
  • Go thank a local shop for providing bike parking.
  • Go thank a delivery truck driver for not parking in the bike lane.
  • Go thank a cyclist for wearing high-visibility colors, using a light at night and obeying traffic laws.
  • Go thank a pedestrian for wearing high-visibility colors, especially at night.
  • Go thank a motorist for giving a pedestrian or bicyclist the right-of-way at an intersection.
  • Go post photos and videos of you and your friends/family walking or biking or taking public transit.
  • Go post photos of navigational signs or intersections that could be improved.