About Us


We think people should walk and bike more – and drive less. It’s better for our health, our community, and our environment. 


We think that cars should go slower, that children should be able to safely walk/bike to school and that older adults and individuals with disabilities should be able to easily and safely get around.


We want a road network that makes it easy for people to get anywhere in Evanston without using a car.


How we got started

Go Evanston was started in January of 2017 by a small group of citizens. Several of us of have been pursuing Evanston-based transportation advocacy on our own for years, while others became energized after the tragic death of a Northwestern student cyclist. Others witnessed the outcry over the Dodge Avenue protected bike lane in the fall of 2016.


We all believe that walking, biking and transit should not be afterthoughts as Evanston designs and improves its transportation system. We believe many people agree with us and we want to make sure that our voices are heard.


Who are you?

Go Evanston is made up of volunteers who come from all over Evanston.


Some of us are parents of school-age children; others are looking ahead to being able to "age in place" in Evanston where we have lived for many years.


Many of us are cyclists, who also walk, drive and take public transit, but we are committed to finding sustainable transportation solutions across all modes and users.



Our organizing group includes: 

Elizabeth Adamczyk
Liz Durham
Kurt Gelhausen
John Hennelly
Vickie Jacobsen
Stuart Kipnis
Barbara Miller
Ethan Spotts
Nancy Wagner
Cecelia Wallin
Tom Witt


What do you envision your activities to be?
We’re hoping we can tap the energy and wisdom of people who live and/or work in Evanston to help out in three broad areas related to transportation – Advocacy, Education and Encouragement. We want to use the results of our survey to target specific activities that the community identifies as important.


We want to grow our group and all are welcome!

Do you have ideas, questions or just want to get something off your chest?

Email us at: [email protected].