Sheridan Road North of Lincoln to Ridge -- Part I: Design

The last phase of the Sheridan Road Corridor project starts April 9 with water main installation. Yes, digging up the roadway will cause messiness, noise and disruption for a few months on Sheridan between Lincoln and Ridge. Diversions and detours will be communicated through signage. Everyone should be especially attentive. By late June the big holes in the ground should be covered and patched in preparation for work on the roadway itself to begin.

The roadway improvements include continuation of the two-way protected bike lane on the east side of Sheridan from Lincoln to Ingleside Place. Then it gets tricky. The two-way cycle track ends.

  • Bicyclists going north may continue in an unprotected bike lane to Sheridan Place where they will be directed to turn right onto a bike route back to Sheridan Road north of Isabella where they may turn right to pick up Wilmette’s bike lane.

  • Bicyclists coming south from Sheridan Road in Wilmette will be directed to turn left at Isabella into an unprotected bike lane to Euclid Park Place where the will be directed to turn right onto a bike route and then left at Ingleside to Sheridan Road. At Ingleside and Sheridan southbound bicyclists will need to cross Sheridan in order to pick up the two-way cycle track.

Confused? Here’s a picture.

The actual design is a done deal. And there are sound engineering reasons for why this challenging stretch of roadway, which includes a 90 degree turn, was designed this way. But there is no denying that two key transition points are likely to be confusing to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians -- the intersections at Sheridan/Ridge/Isabella and at Ingleside/Sheridan. There MAY be opportunities for navigational and warning signage to reduce confusion and make behavior a little more predictable. In Part II: Behavior Modification, we’ll probe the challenges of communicating who is going to be where in the roadway.

Posted by Barbara Miller