Making a Difference Through 311

Go Evanston had an idea and the City thought it was a good one.  Bike Route/Bike Lane Maintenance is now an explicit 311 reporting category.  You can find it under Streets & Sanitation along with several others important for the safety of non-motorists – Sidewalk Maintenance and Evaluation, Street Lights, and the ever popular Pot Holes.

The surface quality of sidewalks and bike routes/lanes and their visibility at night are key for the safety of walkers and bikers.  Taking a few minutes to contact 311 when you see a hazardous pavement situation is an easy way to voice your concern about safer streets.  You can contact 311 via phone, online or mobile app (Android or iOS).  Photos are appreciated.

All issues referred to 311 are logged, addressed and reported.  The reports are sorted by category and ward so City staff and our elected officials can monitor and address the problems we see around our community.  Your 311 contact can help them “see” what we see on the streets.