Climate Talks Coming to a Location Near You

By Vickie Jacobson

The City is getting serious about climate action and resilience and will be holding a series of public events this spring to engage with the Evanston community about how we can reduce our carbon emissions and plan for forecasted climate impacts. The results of these meetings will help the Climate Action and Resilience Plan (CARP) working group, formed by the Mayor last fall, fulfill the City’s commitment to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. Evanston, along with 146 U.S cities/ 7,516 cities worldwide, has promised to set targets to reduce carbon emissions by 2050 and to prepare for the already-occurring climate impacts, such as temperature extremes and heavy precipitation events and flooding.. The City has already met its target of reducing carbon emissions by 20% (based on a 2005 baseline) by the end of 2016. To comply with its commitment to the Global Covenant of Mayors, Evanston must achieve a reduction of at least 28% by 2025 but a growing body of research suggests that much more aggressive goals must be achieved in order to avoid catastrophic impacts associated with the predicted 2°C global temperature increase.

This is important. Climate change affects us all. Our city’s commitment to this process and plan is a point of pride and the action items that result from this plan, will require each one of us to think about and change the way we eat, travel, consume and dispose of goods and heat/cool our buildings. we have strong leadership on staff at the City, but they can’t fight this battle without us. We encourage everyone, especially Go Evanston supporters, to participate in this process by attending a CARP public meeting this spring. The first meetings will be held later this month and throughout May. We’ll keep you posted through our Facebook page and on our website.