Bike trail experts convene at Recyclery

A panel of experts on bike trail development will convene this Feb 11th at the Recyclery. The panel includes George Bellovics, who led the development of the Grand Illinois Trail, one of the longest bike trails in the United States. The discussion comes as interest in bike trials in growing, especially in Evanston, which lacks connections to any major trails in the area. This is a chance to learn how other communities have gotten trails built. 

The panel begins at 5PM.



Julia Gerasimenko

Advocacy Manager - Active Transportation Alliance



George Bellovics

Regional Landscape Architect and Grand Illinois Trail Coordinator - Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Paul Boyd

Former Board Director - Friends of the Parks

Champion of the Last 4 Miles Initiative 

Ben Helphand

Executive Director - Neighborspace  

Co-Founder - The Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail, Heart of the 606