Another Update on Proposed Changes to Bus Service in Evanston

In response to the concerns raised by Evanston citizens, notably ETHS families and students, people with disabilities, and older adults, in both their written comments and at the April 24 Public Hearing, the CTA/Pace proposal to eliminate the CTA Bus Route 205 in August 2018 has been put on hold.   At this time, both transit agencies have agreed to further discussion. Below is a brief update regarding the proposal:

  • The Pace and CTA Boards are giving further review to the proposals and no changes will occur while this review takes place.

  • The City of Evanston adopted a resolution on the issue at their April 30, 2018 City Council Meeting.  Read the resolution here.

  • Jan Schakowsky was contacted about the proposal, and she wrote a letter to the Pace Chairman of the Board and the CTA President, highlighting her concerns with the proposed elimination of CTA Bus Route 205.

  • Larry Suffredin, 13th District Cook County Commissioner, discussed the proposed changes with CTA and Pace officials.  He was assured that the COE and ETHS would have further opportunities to provide information on any proposed changes before any final decisions are made.  

  • The Pace Board will meet to discuss the comments received at their May 9, 2018 Board Meeting.  No vote on the proposed changes will take place at this meeting. Jessica Hyink, COE Transportation and Mobility Coordinator will attend the meeting.  

  • The CTA Board plans to meet in June.

GoEvanston will continue to pay close attention to the issue, advocating for direct, frequent, and efficient bus service in our community.   We are grateful for the City’s responsiveness to our concerns and for adopting a resolution on the issue. We also appreciate the advocacy of our elected officials, Jan Schakowsky and Larry Suffredin.  Additionally, we believe that something positive has come from the Pace/CTA proposal: Our community is more engaged with the issue of bus transit in Evanston. It is important for all of us, both those who depend on it and those who don’t, to understand the essential role that public transit plays in making our community livable, equitable, and accessible for all.

The Pace/CTA Northshore Coordination Plan can be found here: