Importance of Regional Connectivity

By John Fervoy

At its annual fundraiser on February 11, the Evanston Recyclery hosted a panel discussion of bike transit problems and opportunities, both in Evanston and in surrounding communities.

The core problem, of course, is that many bike lanes and trails in the area do not connect with each other.  This is fixable.  It's not an easy fix, but it's not rocket science either.

The answer is to coordinate with north Chicagoland communities to expand and link the network of local bikeways.

This was one focus of a panel discussion at the Recyclery event last month.  If you couldn't attend, you can see the whole discussion at this site.

Going forward, I and others will be organizing a Regional Bike Summit, to start moving the conversation to the next level.

Watch this space for news about that.

Part of the story will be told via a set of posters I've put together.  The posters summarize, visually, the unique and exciting possibilities of bikeway networks in and beyond Evanston.  The posters were launched publicly at last week's "Artruck" winter event -- they'll be viewable in Go Evanston's newsletter next month.